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Comparing the effect of sodium valproate and carbamazepine on sexual function satisfaction in men with epilepsy in Hamadan city (61915 Views)
Assessing Years of Potential Life Lost in Tuiserkan in 2011 (49357 Views)
Study of verb tense inflection evaluating methods and determination of the best methodin 3 or 4 year-old children in Rasht City in 2014 (23305 Views)
Study of frequency of signs and symptoms of mania in bipolar type 1 patients in manic episode admitted in psychiatric ward of Hamadan Farshchian Hospital in 2013 (19096 Views)
Evaluation of Psychometric Properties of the Meta- Parenting Questionnaire (18050 Views)
The use of nanoparticles in diagnosis and treatment of breast cancer: A review (15735 Views)
Aptamers their biological-therapeutical applications: A riview article (14467 Views)
Evaluation Prevalence agents of urinary tract infection and antibiotic resistance in patients admitted to hospitals in Hamadan University of Medical Sciences 1391-92 (14131 Views)
Academic self-efficacy and its relationship with academic variables among Kermanshah University of Medical Sciences students: a cross sectional study (11195 Views)
Relation study between study habit and academic performance of nursing students in Hamadan (10603 Views)
Factors Affecting Job Satisfaction among the Staff of health care workers of Hamadan County in 2012 (10501 Views)
Comparison of behavioral disorders among children between the age of 7-12 living in public and private care centers in Tehran (10474 Views)
Evaluation of student satisfaction from Hamadan University of medical sciences educational process and programs in 2012-2011 (10438 Views)
Investigating the Social factors associated with the mental health of the Faculty of Social Sciences students of Allameh Tabatabai University in 2010-2011 (9938 Views)
Investigation of the causes and solutions to violence in the workplace, emergency nurses in selected hospitals of Hamadan University of Medical Sciences (9601 Views)
Depression, anxiety, stress and related demographic variables in nurses of Valiasr hospital in Fasa University of Medical Sciences in 2014 (9391 Views)
Investigation of relationship between identity styles and achievement motivation in high school students in the city of Sari (9123 Views)
Hospital information system and its role in medical and health services development: a review (9031 Views)
Evaluation of antibacterial activity of aqueous and methanol extracts of Allium Jesdianum plant on a number of pathogenic bacteria resistant to antibiotics (9017 Views)
Next Generation Sequencing a Method for Identifying Genetic Mutations Associated with Spina Bifida Disorder (9007 Views)
The role of cognitive emotion regulation strategies, impulsivity and extraversion in the tendency of the internet addiction in the students of Urmia university, in 2014 (8916 Views)
The Relationship between Dark Personality Triads and Sexual Addiction in Female Students in Mashhad (8856 Views)
Survey of special needs in physically disabled people: A qualitative study (8717 Views)
Validity and reliability of Persian version of high-functioning autism spectrum screening questionnaire age 7-12 (8605 Views)
Gender Disparity and Personality, Psychological and Social Factors Affecting it Among People with Gender Identity Disorder Awaiting Gender Change (8507 Views)
Survey of factors associated with burnout among health care staffs in Hamadan County in year 2012 (8464 Views)
Unwanted pregnancy and related causes in pregnant women in Kerman, 2013 (8409 Views)
Prediction of academic achievement based on emotional intelligence and achievement motivation among students of Islamic Azad University of Roudehen branch in 2013 (8308 Views)
Quality of life of the physically disabled: A systematic review (8219 Views)
Knowledge and attitudes toward AIDS among students of Hamadan university of medical sciences, 2015:Comparison between medicine, nursing and paramedical Faculty (8008 Views)
Determination of effectiveness of four-drug regime in eradication of Helicobacter Pylori (H.Pylori) infection in patients of Hamadan (7984 Views)
The Effectiveness of Acceptance and Commitment Group Therapy on Depression and Anxiety among women with breast Cancer (7960 Views)
Factors affecting spouse abuse in women referred to the Shiraz legal medicine center in 2013 (7737 Views)
The survey of relapse’s styles among drug users and stimulants (7541 Views)
Application of semantic web ontologies in medical information systems: A review article (7450 Views)
Prevalence of asymptomatic urinary tract infection in primary school children of Hamadan City and drug resistance of isolated microorganisms in 2014 (7425 Views)
Loneliness and internet addiction in students of Hamadan University of Medical Sciences (7419 Views)
Criteria of marriage in married couples referred to Tuyserkan marriage counseling Center in 2015 (7320 Views)
Assessment of cervical cancer screening and its barriers in 18-50 year old women referring to Asad Abad comprehensive health centers (7198 Views)
The effect of anger management training on student's adaptability, Golestan University of Medical Sciences (7185 Views)
The relationship between stress coping strategies and social skills with aggression in deaf female students (7166 Views)
Relationship between self-esteem, resilience and quality of life in patients with type 2 diabetes in Hamadan in 2015 (7148 Views)
The Effect of Play Therapy Based on Cognitive-behavioral Approach on Academic Achievement and Self-esteem of Students with Special Learning Disabilities (7112 Views)
Telemedicine technologies and effectiveness: A review article (7053 Views)
Calcium interference with intestinal absorption of manganese (6981 Views)
Effect of optimism training on emotion regulation and psychological well–being in undergraduate students of University of Birjand, in 2014-2015 (6904 Views)
Survey of the level of stress and coping strategies in students of in school of medicine of Neyshabur University of Medical Sciences in 2016 (6834 Views)
Worker’s work ability index in the fruit and vegetable stands in Tehran in 2014 (6694 Views)
The Effect of Parent-Child Relationship Therapy (CPRT) Training on Mothers on Reducing Behavioral Problems in Children with ADHD (6692 Views)
Factors associated with end stage renal disease among hemodialysis patients in Tuyserkan City in 2013 (6658 Views)
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